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DataX Lab, located at Advanced Engineering Building (AEB) at UNLV, is established in 2015 by Dr. Mingon Kang. We aim to develop novel and efficient algorithms to solve challenging computational problems in Bioinformatics and Big Data Analytics, and to devote ourselves to providing computational analysis tools for research use. To be more specific, we are working on:

  • Interpretable and Integrative Deep Learning in Bioinformatics
  • Next Generation Sequencing data analysis
  • Multi-omics data analysis
  • Clinical and Translational Research
  • Intelligent Systems in Computer Vision


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Research Projects


HipoMap propose a novel graphical representation map of whole-slide histopathological images for slide-based analysis. HipoMap generates a fixed size of image-type map that represents comprehensive patterns of interests in a WSI


A High-Dimensional LASSO(Hi-LASSO) improves a LASSO model providing better performance of both prediction and feature selection on extremely high-dimensional data. (Kim et al, IEEE Access, 2019)


The deep learning for Histopathology (Deep-Hipo) can accurately analyze histopathological images by learning multi-scale morphological patterns from various magnification levels of patches in a WSI simultaneously. (Kosaraju et al, 2020)

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